What Is A Tree Surgeon?

So what is a tree surgeon? According to the national careers service, tree surgeons “carry out tree work including planting, cutting down, maintenance and hazard assessments”. 


Put simply, tree surgeons are responsible for the repair, maintenance and care of trees to ensure they remain healthy. Also known as arborists, tree surgeons are specially trained tree care experts that offer a wide variety of professional tree services from tree pruning to woodland management. 


Tree surgeons are essential to maintain the health of trees and the safety of the landscape they reside in.


It’s a job that requires a great deal of physical work, strong attention to detail and a lot of hard graft and is perfect for those who love to work outside.


What Does A Tree Surgeon Do?


Now you’re probably wondering “what does a tree surgeon do?” Well, top-quality tree surgeons provide a wide variety of tree care services. The most popular services may include tree maintenance, tree removal, tree cutting and much more. 


Not only do they work on trees, but also maintain the landscape around them. Tree surgeons will be able to assess trees and provide expert advice on how best to care for them.


A tree surgeon's day-to-day tasks might include tree removal, tree planting, hazard assessments, tree survey reports and much more.


For a greater understanding of some of the work, we do at CHC Tree Care, check out the rest of our blog. It features some tree surgery jobs we have undertaken in Sheffield and the surrounding areas.

Always Hire A Qualified Tree Surgeon


Here at CHC Tree Care, we have years of experience and are fully qualified tree surgeons.


We offer a wide range of tree surgery services including, tree removal, crown reduction, crown thinning, tree stump removal and pollarding. For more information, or to get a quick quote, get in touch.


What Is A Tree Surgeon?
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