CHC Tree Care offer a complete tree stump removal service.

There are many reasons to want a tree stump removed, from building extensions, replanting a border or simply to remove an unsightly stump.

Below we cover a few of the common questions that our clients ask us regarding stump removal.

How is it done?
Using our new stump grinder we can quickly, safely and efficiently remove stumps to below ground level.

Why remove stumps?
Stump removal is the most efficient way of preparing ground for future planting, laying turf or various types of construction.

What do we cover?
We remove stumps up to 3 feet in diameter, specialising in narrow access removals, where larger machine would struggle or are unable to get to.

How much does stump grinding cost?
We are happy to give estimates over the phone based on information you can provide us with - primarily the size of the stump and the location, including any issues with access. Ideally we would visit the site to give you an accurate quotation.

How long does it take?
The time taken to remove a stump is down to the variables of access, size of stump, and the depth (below ground level) it needs to be removed to. Typically a 2' diameter stump will take between 1.5 and 2 hours.

As standard we grind down to 6"-10" below ground level, but if you have plans for the area that require further removal then please let us know.

What happens with the hole left by the stump?
Upon completion of stump removal, the remaining hole will be back-filled with soil and grinding waste to leave a level surface.

If you have any further questions, or to enquire about stump removal please call Chris or fill in our contact form for a free call back.

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