The Sheffield sycamore

Following the completion of phase two of a job in Fulwood, we decided to contact Steven Wright of Elston Sawmill, regarding the journey of a great piece of timber from extraction to preparation for milling. 


While we could have cut this up for firewood, part of our ethos at CHC Tree Care is to make best use of the products of our day to day work - recycling, re-using and processing wherever possible. Having known Steven for some time, we knew that if there was any use for this piece of timber then he was the person most likely to know.


Steven came out to the site, examined the timber and expressed his interest in the piece. The estimated volume of the piece of sycamore was 80 hoppus feet, quite a substantial volume for a piece of timber 10 feet long!


Following the extraction, loading and moving, Steven and I worked together on cutting the timber down into pieces suitable for milling.


The photos below show the process of moving the timber, transporting it, and processing it to manageable pieces for milling.


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The Sheffield sycamore
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