Sycamore removals in Fulwood, Sheffield

Working in Fulwood, we carried out a tree removal project, which involved removing a group of old hedgerow sycamores and one standalone sycamore that was unfortunately diseased.


We were called by this client after a recommendation from a previous local job, during our initial inspection and quotation we discovered that the group of hedgerow sycamores were suffering from extensive decay at the bases of the trees, and the main tree was suffering from a fungi called Dryads Saddle (Polyporus squamosus) which causes intense white rot.


Given the prelimiary results, we made a decision that it was worthwhile to schedule a further climbing inspection to examine the state of the pollard points, as all the trees were old pollards.


This further climbing inspection revealed that the old pollard points were not in good shape, with approximately 90% of the points suffering from extensive decay. We documented these findings and submitted them to Sheffield's Planning Department with the conservation area application.


We had an on-site meeting with the tree officer and discussed the situation and he gave us the go-ahead to remove the trees.


The situation of the trees left no other option than to use rigging equipment to safely lower all the branches and timber around, and away from the targets below.


The week progressed well, lowering substantial sections of the trees on both the Monday and Tuesday, suffering slight setbacks by rain on Wednesday, and then a very breezy day Thursday. We dismantled and then rigged the trees down in order, logging up the firewood as we went and shifting the wood chippings off site to clients on a daily basis.


By Friday we had reduced the four hedgerow Sycamore stems to the specified heights, and the main sycamore was a standing stem. Pressing on during downpours on Saturday, we took down the final tree and shifted all the timber off site.


The following week we completed the job with a through tidy up and clear down of the site.


When the planting season is upon us again, we will be returning to plant a disease resistant elm in place of these trees.


Please browse through our gallery of the removals, and we welcome you to get in touch with us if you think you're in need of tree care services.



Sycamore removals in Fulwood, Sheffield
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