Conifer removal & various reductions in Crosspool

Working in Crosspool over the two days of this job, we completely transformed the garden and view from the clients' house.


As is our standard, we checked with Sheffield's planning department that the trees we were working on were not in a conservation area, or subject to any tree preservation orders.


For this client we had quoted to reduce three holly trees (two of which were to be formalised), remove a conifer, pollard an ash, and reduce a plum tree. It is worth noting that whilst pollarding in May is far from our usual practice, we explained the risks of the re-pollard failing and the client deemed it was worth trying as the only other choice would be a removal.


We experienced really mixed weather on the first day, from sunshine through to high winds and rain! Undeterred we completed the ash pollard, one of the Holly reductions and the conifer removal.


Day two saw a brighter day and we pressed on to reduce and formalise the second holly and reduce the third holly that morning. In the afternoon we reduced the plum tree and finished the final tidy of the garden to our usual standards.


A real privilege of this job was affording ourselves a short amount of time to work with some of the waste we generate during our day to day work. Some sections of the conifer stem we removed were fairly substantial, so from it we made the clients' grand-daughter her own chair and stepping stones for the garden.


Please browse through our gallery of the removals, reductions, pollard and chair making. If you're interested in hearing more about what we have to offer, please feel free to explore our services page.



Conifer removal & various reductions in Crosspool
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