A cherry tree reduction and cypress removal in Whirlow

Today we carried out some work in Whirlow for an existing client. From our previous enquiries with Sheffield's planning department, we knew the trees we were working on were not in a conservation area or subject to any tree preservation orders.


On this occasion we had to reduce a cherry tree and remove a cypress in a neighbouring garden.


The cherry tree had been previously 'topped' which had left it out of proportion and very dense through the reactionary growth.


The main issues the client had with the tree were the density and the limbs heading towards the house. A 30% reduction with some crown lifting was really the only way to retain the tree before considering removal. With the issue of the tree being very dense, we specified within the reduction some thinng of the crown, to increase light penetration.


After the reduction was complete we removed and chipped all the branchwood and cut the logs to the specified length for the client.


When we had finished up the cherry tree, we moved on to remove the cypress next door. After evaluating the tree, we decided that the best course of action would be to straight fell the tree with the use of a pull line. There was a shed and some smaller trees next door that we wanted to avoid, so felling it was the faster, safer and more logical option.


After felling the tree, we removed all the branch wood (brash), cut all the logs to length for the neighbour, and cleared the garden thoroughly from all saw dust and debris from the tree.


Please browse through our gallery of the cherry reduction and cypress removal. Keep an eye on our blog page to keep up with all our projects and endevours. 



A cherry tree reduction and cypress removal in Whirlow
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