Pine removal in Ranmoor

We carried out work on a project in Ranmoor, removing a pine tree that was causing serious disruption to the drainage pipework and driveway.


The tree sat within the Ranmoor Conservation Area - we documented these findings and submitted them to Sheffield's Planning Department with the Conservation Area application.


After a period of consultation, we had an on-site meeting with the Tree Officer and discussed the situation. He then gave us the go-ahead to remove the tree.


The situation of the tree left no other option than to use rigging equipment to safely lower some branches and sections of stem, so as not to cause damage to the driveway or surrounding trees.


We sectionally dismantled all of the stem, removing the timber from site and cleaning up to our usual high standard.


Please browse through our gallery of the removals, and get in touch with us if you need similar services to remove a problem tree in your area.



Pine removal in Ranmoor
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