Sycamore removal in Norton Lees

It's been a busy time for us subcontrating to various companies in the aftermath of the storms we've had, doing clearance work at Chatsworth before nesting season and continuing to work with domestic clients on removals, reductions and hedge works.


We carried out work in Norton Lees on a sycamore removal on a cold and bright March day.


This sycamore tree in Norton Lees, Sheffield was precariously above multiple targets, including a shed, fence, paved patio area and a hedge. For these reasons we decided to use our rigging kit to allow for a more controlled dismantle, and to ensure that none of these targets were damaged in any way. After removing the crown of the sycamore tree, we proceeded to dismantle sections of the stem until we could drop the larger rings onto the small area we were able to use safely.


All the wood that was left was then logged up to the agreed specification for the client, and the woodchips were removed from site for recycling.


All in all, this was a great day's work, the tree removal job was completed safely and efficiently, and all before the rain arrived!


Thanks for reading, and feel free to explore the page detailing more information on our removal services.


Sycamore removal in Norton Lees
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