Sycamore removal in Ecclesall

We recently removed a small Sycamore in Ecclesall.


We were called to look at this job as the client was concerned about potential damage to the roof of the property, as well as branches banging aginst the upper windows.


During the quotation process we explained that the tree had been pollarded previously, and then once more since the original pollard. There was no real scope to reduce the tree and a pollard was the only other option, but this didn't offer the long term solution that was required.


We priced up both the options of either a pollard or removal and the client opted to remove the tree, once this was confirmed we booked the job in.


We carefully dismantled the tree over the phone line and away from the house, removing the branch and stem wood away from site as we progressed through the job. As per the specification, we removed all arising material from the site and left the area in a clean and tidy state.


Please browse through our photos of the tree works, and the client's testimonial which can be found below.


"CHC Tree Care were great. First an initial visit to assess the situation and explain the options (with clear costings), and just a week later the problem tree was gone. No more branches banging against the upper windows. No further damage to the roof tiles. No longer any risk to the foundations from the roots, and loads more light into the house. Chris did offer a cheaper solution - an extreme haircut for the tree - (a pollard) but explained why the same problems would just recur in five years or so, and showed us markings on the bark indicating the “last time: maybe seven years back.” Removal was not much more costly, and the job was done by friendly staff in half a day. All that is left is a stump cut flush to the ground, which has been treated to prevent re-growth. A very pleasant experience - and good value too." - J. Fraser, Ecclesall


Thanks for reading, and please take the time to browse all our testimonials



Sycamore removal in Ecclesall
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