Removing cherry trees

We worked in S12 recently on the removal of two cherry trees. The first was in decline, and as can be seen in the photos below had suffered extensive decay of the heartwood. The second, whilst in good health, had outgrown its position and was removed with a view to replanting with something more suitable.


Both the trees were dismantled to a safe point, then the stems felled to ensure no damage to the garage, bomb shelter or existing plantings in the garden.


Alongside the removal of the trees, we reinstated a lapsed privet hedge and crown lifted a sycamore. Both of these works were designed to increase light into the garden and make the space more usable.


All the woodchips were recycled, and the wood went to a client for their wood burner.


Please contact us if you require any wood chippings or firewood.



Removing cherry trees
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