Removal & re-planting of a hedge

Following the initial consultation with a client regarding the replacement of their existing hedging as part of the ongoing landscaping works, we scheduled the removal and replacement during winter.


The existing mixed hedging was relatively sparse and in a poor state, the clients' requirements were to have a replacement hedge that was fast growing, a good screen and hardy. Laurel (Prunus laurocerasus) hedging suited the requirements of the client. The hedging plants were sourced from Green Mile Trees, who provided exceptionally good quality plants.


We removed the hedge and the stumps using a stumpgrinder to ensure a complete and efficient removal. Very shortly after this we prepared the ground, added a suitable compost, and planted the hedging. To ensure the protection of the hedge until it was established, we put up a fence.


We finished the job with our standard tidy up, the removal of any debris, and used the blower to leave the site in a clean and tidy state.


Please take a look at our gallery of photographs documenting our time there, and explore our blog to hear about any other tree removal projects we've been involved with.



Removal & re-planting of a hedge
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