Quarry clearance works in Burntwood Quarry

We recently completed a project in Burntwood Quarry on Beeley Moor for the Chatsworth Estate.


The specification was clear, fell the trees, extract the timber and burn up the brash wood. We started by clearing the major trees for the new access road into the quarry, a couple of large sycamores down we moved into the stands of birch trees, directionally felling the trees the same way to aid the processing.


We were fortunate to work with Chatsworth staff who were experienced in the use of 360 excavators and telehandlers. This machinery made light work of moving timber around the site. Over the two weekends we worked, we progressively cleared all the trees, burnt all the brash and extracted all the timber, all just before nesting season started.


A great place to work and a satisfying result to a contract that was on a tight schedule.


Thanks for reading, and please feel free to get in touch if you have a similar project in mind. 



Quarry clearance works in Burntwood Quarry
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