Pollarding an ash tree

It has been a really busy time for us recently, subcontrating to various trusted companies in the aftermath of the destructive storms we've had, then doing clearance work on the Chatsworth Estate before nesting season starts, and continuing as always to work with our domestic clients on everything from tree removals through to hedge works.


Here is an ash tree re-pollard in we recently did in Newark, Nottinghamshire. This tree had been pollarded around 5 years ago and was due to be re-pollarded.


It was a bright, dry but cold mid-February day - perfect weather for this kind of work. As per the job specification, all the branch wood was chipped and taken away to a client who wanted woodchip for mulch, and any log wood left over was dropped off at a local client.


The end result was just what the client had intended! Extending the life of a beautiful tree that they enjoyed, but had just outgrown its space.


Thanks for reading, and read more on our pollarding services if you think they might be of interest to you.




Pollarding an ash tree
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