Woodland management

Today's job was a day out in Rivelin Valley, doing some woodland management for a homeowner. We were required to work on a steep bank behind the property as part of an ongoing management plan.


During the initial site meeting with the client we identified his requirements, which were primarily to create a management plan for his woodland that would be progressively implemented. We identified a diseased rowan and an overcrowded stand of sycamores to start the initial works on.


On the first day of work on the project, we dismantled the diseased rowan so no damage was done to the surrounding trees. We continued by thinning out a stand of sycamores, self selecting the weaker specimens and felling them so that the stronger trees could thrive.


All the wood was kept by the owner for their firewood stores and all brash was burned on site.


Further updates on this woodland management will follow, so please keep an eye on our blog page



Woodland management
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