Diseased beech tree removal

Following the initial survey on a beech tree in Worksop, we carried out removal due to the prescence of Ganoderma, a saprophytic fungi. The fungi had been present for a minimum of 13 years, and whilst measures to prolong the life of the tree were discussed, the client felt (with the uncertainty of the extent of decay present and the targets that existed - namely their house, garage, and within striking distance of a road) that removal was the best option.


After liasing with the Bassetlaw planning department and submitting the correct paperwork and findings from our initial tree inspection, we were given the go ahead to remove the tree.


Over the two days of the job, we carefully dismantled the branches that were near the house, over the garage and in contact with BT phone lines. Using a rigging device we safely lowered off large pieces of timber to avoid damage to other trees, the driveway and lawn.


On the second day we felled the remaining stem and logged up all the timber which was left on site for the client.


We finished the job with our standard tidy up, the removal of sawdust, any twigs, branches, and using the backpack blower to clear off the grass.


Please take a look at our gallery of photographs documenting our time there. If you'd like to hear more about the background of our company, please feel free to explore the 'about' section of our site.



Diseased beech tree removal
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