Diseased ash tree removal in Whirlow

The CHC Tree Care team were called out to a tree in Whirlow, after the owner was concerned over the safety of the tree in relation to the proximity of the house.


After a thorough examination of the tree, there were several indicators of honey fungus (Armillaria mellea) at the base. Given the proximity to buildings, the lean on the tree, and the uncertain extent of the decay, we decided to apply for removal. The local authority confirmed the diagnosis and granted us permission.


The ash tree removal went really well, working progressively to reduce the weight on the tree using dismantling techniques to enable the rigging of limbs that overhung other trees below.


All the timber was cut to length and left stacked on site for the client to process for their woodburning stove.


Please have a scroll through the pictures of the day to see how the job progressed, and feel free to get in touch with us if you're in need of our tree removal services.





Diseased ash tree removal in Whirlow
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