Beech tree reduction in Fulwood, Sheffield

We've been working in Fulwood to reduce a beech tree for a client who, while they loved having a mature tree in the garden, wanted more light under the tree for the shrubs below, and more light around the garden in general.


After a discussion of the clients objectives we decided that a crown reduction would be the best course of action, as well as a light crown lift.


We applied for permission for the work to take place through Sheffield Council, as the tree was in the Fulwood Conservation Area. Permission for the beech tree's crown reduction was granted, so we arranged a suitable date for the works to take place.


The client was really delighted with the end result of the reduction, giving them much more light to their garden, house and shrubs under the tree.


Please do browse through our gallery of the removals, and feel free to read more about our crown reduction services.


Beech tree reduction in Fulwood, Sheffield
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