Creating a sycamore monolith

For phase four of an ongoing job in Fulwood, we reduced a final sycamore to a standing stem. With this tree we had agreed with the client that it would be best that the tree be reduced to a standing monolith for the purposes of habitat creation. We came to this conclusion due to the habitat loss caused by the removal of the other trees on site.


A short paragraph on the importance of standing trees is below;

Standing dead trees and fallen debris provide a fantastic array of 'microhabitats'. There is a breathtaking range of saproxylic (deadwood-dependent) organisms including fungi, lichens, invertebrates, mosses and birds, many of them having very specific requirements, and some specialising exclusively on one particular microhabitat. A remarkable 40% of woodland wildlife is dependent on this aspect of the forest ecosystem


This is an important part of the stance we at CHC have, to work with trees and the environments that they are in, and to create a workable solution for the interaction they have with people.


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Creating a sycamore monolith
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